The Feels


by Homebody Apparel

Love is stupid. This may sound shocking. But let me explain. What I really mean is love makes us stupid. As introverts, when in love, we find ourselves doing stupid things. Here are some examples: karaoke, open mic night, dancing, interrupting our reading, phone calls, meeting new people, taking endless pictures of ourselves, public demonstrations of previously secret skills... and last but not least: PDA. You get the idea. But we understand where you're coming from when we frustrate you.

We may seem aloof, withdrawn, maybe a little reserved. That's because we are. So no, you're not crazy. Chances are, if you've gotten to the point where we no longer regard you among the crowding and anxiety inducing rabble they call "people", you must be pretty special to us. And by now, you've realized there's a different side to us than you originally bargained for. No worry. That's why we have coffee. And by the way, if you're an extrovert, you have us introverts to thank for that. Heaven knows you guys don't need it. We sure do. So, you're welcome. Anyway, as I was saying; despite our 7 layers of Alone Time, Awkwardness, Sarcasm, Communicating in Movie References, Waxing Philosophic, Subdued Facial Expressions and Quiet Reflection, there's a big, beautiful, wistfully romantic heart. We've saved up all our social energy for a select few. And rest assured when we say we hate you less than everyone else, that means that you're the first one we would die for.

Fair Warning: This also means you're the first on our list of people to annoy, harass, tease, or otherwise bother incessantly with our inane ramblings about the writings the Stoic Philosophers, the Universe as a whole (with everything that made this moment possible) and random facts about household cats. This is because we have saved up all our social energy for a select few. And rest assured, even though we occasionally don't want to meet your friends for drinks or a game night, we still love you. But, I'm rambling. If you have a special someone, get them this mug. If you don't, come back on February 15th where we shamelessly make fun of people in love. Because, as I said, love is stupid.

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy