Impending Doom


by Homebody Apparel

There are times, in our modern, bustling society, when the entire crushing weight and pressure of all moments and situations, spanning across decades, through space and time, the good and the bad and the causes and effects of both, boil down to the minute behaviors of the asshole in front of you in the line at the airport who needs to argue with the TSA agent and all the while you can't help but resist the urge to bite through a No 2 pencil because you're actually very late-which seems to be a chronic situation lately and you've been trying to find out why you can't seem to be punctual but with no avail so now you're late for your cousin’s wedding in Florida, which you didn't want to go to in the first place but got roped into because you were tricked into saying you had no other plans before hearing what they wanted you to do- and all this nonsense wouldn't be happening if you'd just left the house earlier but there were a few things you had to clean up because you can't just leave the place in a state of chaos, because the implications are far too great and the essence of reality, in this moment, is an overwhelming cavalcade of emotionality and the ever-present social norms that dictate that verbally assaulting this guy for making a fuss about taking his damn laptop out of his damn bag and putting it in the damn tray would be impolite and realistically wouldn't fix anything and I swear, on all that is good and holy in this world, if he doesn't move forward right now I'm going to lose it, I will have a nervous breakdown, I'm not even kidding, you motherfu-- okay; he's going. Whew.

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