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The main idea responsible for Homebody Apparel was simply to give voice to the "Introvert"; to advocate for simple hobbies, quiet lives, personal space, alone time, and comfort zones. It is of remarkable import that so much of the above is misunderstood by a large swath of society. It seems as though the priorities have shifted to such a great degree that, if one is not earnestly seeking involvement, endorsement, or praise from their own social group - and even from others, then they are typecast as antisocial, disinterested, and aloof. The main question we ask is: even if that is true, so what? The realization that we've stumbled on recently is that A: no one cares what you believe, only what you say, and B: even if you say it, you better say it right. Orwellian, you say? I mean, combine that societal norm of the veritable 2 minutes of hate that any infidel is subjected to on the scientific marvel of the Inter-webs (which was supposed to "democratize" us all, by the way), and yes, Orwellian it is. Sorry if that offends you.... lol no we're not, and you shouldn't be either. Remember when every self-help book on the shelf sought to banish the words "yes" and "sorry" from the vernacular? Now it's all anyone wants to hear. The remarkable and pathetic need for validation is unfortunately so popular that, if your position on any given topic is "None of your fucking business" or even " I just want to be left alone", it is labeled as implicit racism, sexism, or general insensitivity to someone's persecution. I am here to tell you: Fuck all that. We have the business of life to live. Think outside the box or inside it, I don't care, all I ask is: think. And allow everyone else to do the same. And for God's sake, LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE. No one, and I mean no one, cares what you think; maybe like 5 people. Everyone else is, and hear me on this, lying to you. They don't care; they want a soundboard and someone to confirm their biases. Your ideas aren't that original and probably miss the mark by a few lengths, so take your moral superiority and mental masturbation and go bother someone else. Just accept that no one cares how many windows you've broken, or how many dinners you've disrupted, or how many tax dollars you've pissed away being a profligate sucking at the teet of the people you criticize. And maybe people should care, at least enough to have raised you into someone respectable. (in case you're not paying attention, this is where you call me a ___ist, ___ist, ____phobic.... blah blah blah) get a life.

Our line DED Brands seeks to remind us all that there is a storied history to humanity and that you should consider that people nowadays are wired no differently than those of the past. We are all drawn to the validation, power, esteem and moral righteousness; and, by hook or by crook, if we don't watch ourselves, we will become the villains in the story. All of that categorically grotesque screaming and shouting and spitting and spiteful rhetoric gets you... nowhere. Absolutely nowhere; and worse yet, with no one. No one that will challenge you, anyway. You will understand nothing more of the world, leaving a room of geniuses, if you enter and reject their ideas before they even speak. The other fact we've all forgotten, and that I take great joy in reminding you of (simply because it aught to align your motives with a higher purpose while you have the time) is that, like our motto says: Memento homo, quia pulvis es - "Remember man, that you are dust". The resolution of that statement is "...and unto dust you shall return".

So, shop around and give us a shoutout on social if you like what we've done. Drop us a line anytime if you have disagreements, thoughts, or ideas for us to consider. From the bottom of my heart... thank you.


Also, go fuck yourself. 

From Homebody Apparel,

Thank You


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