Shirts for Introverts

The people. They are exhausting. Well, when they wear you out, we hope you'll wear one of our shirts out. Because of the important role our shirts will play in your wardrobe, we aim to provide the highest quality garments, in form and function. They have been described as "soft as a cloud" from wearers who have worn them for days on end. They are perfectly soft and comforting, sourced from the best cottons available. Seams, as if stitched by angels, will not rip or tear. Nor will these shirts shrink! The size you buy is the size you will get and keep.

If you must leave the house, we know that they will bring comfort and aid when the people are too much. At least, they will make you laugh. Think we're wrong? Buy one, try it. Introverts do not disappoint.