Communique #1; We Shall Make Our Presence Known- Quietly

You may have questions about why it as taken me so long to make myself known on this planet. The reason is simple: People.

Ever since I've landed on this planet, I have witnessed many a group of Humans. None has perplexed me more than the social animal. We have studied and recognized the biological imperatives that have made such a lifestyle important. Yet we have witnessed many an outlier. They call these outliers "Introverts". Persons of the human variety who have seemed to overcome the imperative to socialize, at least to the degree of the others; content to leave alone and be left alone. They, who have found comfort in quiet solitude. Not lonely, but alone. They, who maintain interests in the world around them, yet keeping aloofness from it. we have found a place with them. With them, we have found a home. A place of quiet, with no social prerequisites or requirements... That has been the solace we have come to love. Homebody Apparel is a thanks to all the Introverts who have welcomed us among their midst. Without the Introverts, we would have wondered, for the duration of our tedious tenure, why we are so unlike the Humans. We would have felt rejected and obscure. We now know who we are in this world.

From Homebody Apparel,