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Just when I thought I had all those humans humorless, hopeless, depressed and gay, there comes HBA, calling me out. Zero out of 5 souls, would not recommend

by Senor Lucifer

When I spoke time into existence, I was not prepared for the audacity I would find with this brand. This has been an HR nightmare and frankly I am over it. You thought Covid was bad, wait until I get approval for some serious budget cuts and layoffs. 0/infinite universes. Would not create.

by God

we needed this here to keep the layout decent

by Just the Worst Marketer, Ever

Maybe if you took a minute to write up a glowing, positive endorsement

by Seriously, Stop It, You Asshole

While were on the subject, if you wanna advertise here, we're clearly not putting the space to good use

by You Have Lost Every Friend You've Ever Made

Why are you still reading this nonsense? Go Shopping! Buy a Shirt!

(love it/hate it, let us know, we'll put your bad grammar up here with ours)

by Forever Alone